Make Money from Local Painting Jobs

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  • February 6, 2018

You don’t have to go far to find customers for your painting business. They’re right in your own backyard, if you know where to look.


Your offer to do local painting jobs, whether they are small- to medium-sized residential projects, or large projects for commercial clients, can be ideal for homeowners and business owners in the area who might feel more comfortable with a contractor who has ties to the community.


The Opportunities

There are plenty of wide-ranging opportunities for painting contractors. Now is a great time for those who are sitting on the fence contemplating whether they should jump into the industry as well as those who have already gotten their start and are looking for ways to buttress their business.


In terms of commercial business alone, contractors have newfound opportunities to paint commercial properties in addition to existing city infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, fire stations, post offices, public parks, and schools, to name a few.


Don’t think so? Then take a field trip one day on foot or by car, but this time try to really study your environment.


Odds are by the end of your trip, you would’ve observed almost with new eyes how the local hospital has a wing that could use a fresh coat of paint, or how the free clinic in town that’s a mainstay for the homeless or low-income residents could use someone affordable to help them spruce the facility up.


Most areas have housing for senior living, or an assisted living home. These facilities could always use respectable contractors to keep their various community rooms looking cheerful and fresh.


Residential facilities like these, especially those that are for low-income seniors, would be happy to entertain estimates from capable contractors who could cut them a discount.


Online Ads

When it’s time to start marketing for residential and commercial painting leads, you’ll quickly realize that not all marketing produces the kinds of results you want.


Getting the marketing piece of the painting business equation wrong can lead to debt, dissatisfaction and discouragement.


While there are multiple marketing methods that can produce satisfying results, many contractors feel you should give online advertising a shot.


If you buy a few banner ads, and ensure they emphasize your painting service as opposed your website, on online directories like the Better Business Bureau, you’ll find that the market visibility you gain can lead to noticeable results.


Don’t stop at just placing banner ads, either

Remember the power of Google. Owning over 90 percent of search engine market share globally, Google must be part of the equation; By contrast, Bing barely cracks 2 percent.


Without enabling potential customers to find you easily on this No. 1 search engine, they may not know you exist. That said, learn how to implement a good SEO strategy, which contrary to public opinion, is the product of hard work and great patience, and it will reward you and your business in the long term.


There are no promises that your SEO strategy will land your business on the prized first page of Google’s search engine results pages – but it’s worth a try, and it’s sure to, at a minimum, improve your business’s search ranking.


Get Help

You don’t have to go it alone when looking for local painting jobs. Lead generation services can provide you with as many residential and commercial painting leads in your area as you can handle. Only your budget provides the limits.


While most of the lead companies available are similar for the most part. A few stand out from the pack.


Painter Choice is great because it only focuses on helping painting companies. Other lead generation companies play host to other home improvement services, promising to connect plumbers or other tradespeople with prospects, for example.


Painter Choice also does an admirable job weeding out the bad leads, ensuring you get only verifiable leads, and it won’t cost you anything for small projects like small rooms.


HomeAdvisor will be appealing to you if your focus is on finding the largest number of leads. It’s the biggest of the bunch. The advantage of having the volume, of course, is that with greater exposure you’re increasing your chance of finding serious leads who will become lifetime customers.


The disadvantage is that you’re also increasing your chance of encountering a whole lot of bad apples – people who’ll waste your time because they still aren’t ready to buy. And, remember, you’re paying for those leads – good or bad.


CraftJack is a lead service that’ll give you a discount if you respond to a lead within 30 minutes of receiving notification. Like Painter Choice, the service will also not charge you an exorbitant cost per lead, so you won’t be unpleasantly shocked when you check your monthly bill.


Thumbtack has contractors submit quotes, which are basically bids, to a potential customer. If the prospect is interested in the quote, they’ll contact the contractor themselves and ask for more information or arrange further discussions.


You might have success by doing something radical and not supplying the quote immediately, but rather letting the prospect know you’d be happy to put in a quote after paying them a visit first to better estimate the cost of the total job.



The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is bullish on the construction sector, which includes painting providers. The fact-finding agency predicts near-14 percent growth – which translates into well over 500,000 new jobs – by 2024.


Seeing that the industry’s only expanding and not shrinking, now’s the time to tap into untried solutions to generate local residential and commercial painting leads for your business and stand out from the crowd.


Be creative about marketing and position yourself as the answer, so potential customers won’t have any questions about your authority in the business.

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