How to Get Painting Jobs That Will Provide Long-Term Income

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  • February 6, 2018

Every painting job lead you can get is an opportunity to get your business noticed, add a new name to your list of satisfied clients, build experience, and grow as a company. However, not every painting job is created equal.


Once you’ve started to establish yourself, it pays to start thinking about your long-term strategies as a business, and one thing you can do to help maintain steady growth and a regular income you can count on is to pursue jobs and professional connections that will provide you with regular, long-term painting opportunities.


When you get painting jobs from people in the business of building, renovating, selling, and maintaining properties, you’re getting your foot in the door of the chance to keep working for clients that are always going to have painting jobs they need to get done.


Seeking out these clients, making them completely satisfied with your business practices and the quality of the work you do, and staying foremost in their minds when they need their next job doneā€”and every job after that–is the key to keeping your painting business afloat with long-term job prospects.


Clients Who Trust You Will Keep Hiring You

One-time, individual clients are often focused on granular details of the work they need to have done. They’ll ask how much do painters charge to paint a room? How many workers will be coming and going? How long will the job take?


When you’re trying to get painting jobs, you don’t want to pass up these smaller opportunities, but the kind of clients that you can count on to keep you going over the long haul will mostly be focused on one thing: trust.


They’ll want to know that they can call you up and tell you where to go, and you’ll know what needs to be done, and they won’t have to babysit the project.


The way to develop this kind of trust with clients is to deliver great results when you first get the chance to start working for them, and show them that you’re the kind of business they want to be their on-call, ready-to-go painting crew. Show them that when you’re on the job, they have nothing to worry about, and they’ll keep coming back to you.



The Three Types of Clients You Can Count on For Regular Jobs

Property managers are great connections to make when you want to get painting jobs like these. A good property management company could be responsible for apartment buildings and rental properties all over the area you work in, and the owners of these kinds of properties are usually very motivated to keep their buildings looking nice and well-maintained.


You can bet they need quality painters on speed dial.


Real estate agents are another solid source of regular, consistent work. Many homeowners don’t even think about repainting their homes until it’s time to sell, and they look to their real estate agents for direction and guidance when it comes to getting their homes ready to hit the market.


Real estate agents are always going to want to have a great painting company ready in mind to call up when they’ve got a property to represent that hasn’t seen much TLC.


Other contractors can also be a fantastic resource for getting you regular, recurring jobs. People who hire a contractor they already know and like will frequently turn to them for recommendations for contractors who can provide other types of work.


Network with other contractors in your area and trade leads and recommendations with the ones you like and trust, and you might be surprised at how many painting jobs get kicked your way.


Don’t have an “in” with any property managers, realtors, or contractors yet? There’s never a wrong time to cold call a potentially beneficial contact, introduce yourself, and offer to provide some free estimates.


Become The “Go-To” Painting Company

Remember that to get the kind of reputation and track record of consistent quality you’ll need to stick in people’s minds as their go-to painting company, you’ll need to work hard, pursue every lead you can, and deliver great results no matter what the scale of the job.


Those mom and pop clients who ask, “How much do painters charge to paint a room?” might seem like small potatoes when you’re thinking ahead to how much you’re going to charge to paint an entire apartment complex, but the good reviews, positive word of mouth, and undeniable real-world evidence of seeing your lawn sign in front of a beautifully painted house are the building blocks of your credibility and the proof that you do top quality painting work.

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